Bushfire survival planning needs to include your pets. Living in Warrandyte means that your pets might be big or small. Many people have horses and chickens as well as dogs and cats. Some are easier to prepare for than others, but we must be prepared and have well thought out plans for our pets as well as our families.

There is a multitude of information available and we have collected some relevant here for you to browse. You can also update your fireplan now to include your pets on our Living with Pets page on ‘What’s the Plan?’.

Or contact The Eastern Melbourne Fire Ready Pet Lovers Facebook page which links pet owners with people who are willing to mind pets on high fire days.

The National Equine Database (NED), developed by CFA volunteer Jenna Kelley, was launched in February 2016 and aims to provide better protection of horses and other companion animals during bushfires.  The database can be accessed at www.tepscon.community.


horses and bushfire

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