North East link Authority – WCA notes on the N E Link

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North East Link Authority’s Technical Summary of 04 Aug 2017
Extracts and observations.

Doug Seymour, WCA member.

Local community groups are considering how to respond to the NELA’s 5 Aug launch of its Stakeholder’s update on work undertaken in selecting and planning a recommended route and design for the proposed NE Link. The full report may be found at:

A careful reading of this 72 page report together with launch comments by the Premier has left many who have followed the process with the impression there is a bias towards selecting Option A:

  1. The Premier remarked that his Government was hopeful that the project could be built for 6-10 billion dollars ~ there is only one option which could be built within this budget and that is Option A, via Banyule flats. Option A is less than half the length of Options B & C. Options A and C (nearest Warrandyte) are outlined below.
  2. No construction cost estimates are to be found in this report but orders of cost have been indicated in presentations. Early estimates indicate Options B & C would cost over twice construction of Option A.
  3. Nearly every tabulation of performance levels for the criteria being assessed rate Option A most favorably.

Short of an as yet unforeseen study error being found our community may elect to focus on the consultation areas outlined as being of relevant interest, setting aside some of our previous concerns about identifying a broad range of issues impacting on the route passing nearest to Warrandyte, Option C.

Where to focus

From the report:

NELA’s forward focus:

Collation of Figures and summary tables of Performance of Optional Routes

The decision to use extensive tunneling in all options tilts economic decisions towards Option A.

Acknowledgement:   Jock for helping paste the figures and tables from the source document.