New Zones – Threat to Warrandyte

by | Jan 1, 2012 | Planning

23 May 2013 WCA letter to Dept of Planning and Community Development

regarding minimum lot sizes in the Low Density Residential Zone.

24 Nov 2012 Letter to Members
An update of the Planning Zone “Reform”.

Cr Paul McLeish, Mullum Mullum Ward, Manningham City Council offered his comments (8 May 2013) on the issue….
“As you are aware the Government Zone Reforms are proceeding, and the proposed changes still provide, within the LDRZ, for a lot size of 2000sqm where reticulated sewerage is connected.

The Government plan overall for the Zone Reforms is for Councils to translate their existing schemes over to the new zones. This provides a slim opportunity for minor adjustments to occur, as the Minister will implement the changes, including those for the LDRZ, on July 1st by amending all the Planning schemes, including Manningham.

There is only one small chance available for changes – we must get the Planning Minister to make an adjustment to the Manningham Planning Scheme to include a Schedule to the LDRZ which retains the 4000sqm lot size.

Of the 15 metropolitan Councils with LDRZ only one (Cardinia) has an existing schedule which specifies a 4000sqm lot size, and that Council can therefore successfully translate this into their new version of the planning scheme. The other 14 Councils, including Manningham, are exposed to having their LDRZ lots sub-divided. Similarly only 10 of the 43 regional Councils have the relevant schedules.

Manningham has about 2800 lots in the LDRZ of greater than 4000sqm, all of which could be impacted by this change as the sewerage rollout continues.

It is important to note that the policies adopted by Manningham Council have, in its Residential Strategy (March 2012), recognized and supported the continuing role which the 1+ acre (4000+ sqm) lots play within Manningham. To quote that strategy: “The larger lot sizes in the Low Density Residential areas play an important role in offering a lifestyle opportunity for residents whilst contributing to Manningham’s ‘balance of city and country.’ The low density areas are generally characterised by acre sized blocks developed with prestigious homes on substantial sized land. In some cases the larger sized lots contain significant remnant vegetation, and support intricate ecological processes.” . Manningham Council have sought to protect and preserve the LDRZ areas in their current form. Furthermore the Residential Strategy has said that the “Rezoning of this land should only be entertained on a very limited basis and should have strategic justification.”

The view of the community and Council is that the LDRZ areas of Manningham form a valuable buffer between the residential zones and the Green Wedge & Yarra corridor. They protect significant areas of remnant vegetation and support intricate ecological processes. They also provide an alternative for people seeking an attractive, open and environmental setting, whilst conserving the character and amenity of the area. They form a vital part of the lifestyle balance in Manningham, whee the city meets the country.

Manningham has through its Residential Strategy supported many opportunities for higher density development in its Principal, Major and Neighbourhood activity centres. These can more than adequately provide for the future growth of Manningham, supported by the transport and commercial facilities located therein, whilst the unique LDRZ areas are protected. Indeed the Residential Strategy which the Council has adopted provides strong policy support for the protection of the large lots sizes within the LDRZ.

I would appreciate any support you could provide ASAP in encouraging the Government through the Planning Minister and our local Members, to make the necessary adjustments on or before July 1 2013, so that the Manningham Planning Scheme is amended to conserve and protect to 4000sqm lot size in the LDRZ.”

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